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""Unlike other browser games, in European Kingdoms the player can quickly become strong and climb to the top of the rankings in a short time." sign up , your Empire is waiting for you!"


European Kingdoms is a free online strategy game set in the year 1500. Every player is born in a city and has, as their primary objective, the expansion of their domains by taking territories and resources of the enemy.

The balance was broken for a long time... For countless sunrises and sunsets, days and nights, the world was trapped in a hell of indistinguishable artificial wars and death. The sun was obscured by clouds dyed with the blood of people swept away by the fury of human stupidity. Mankind degenerated into a state of barbarism similar to the ferocity of wild beasts. The scent of happiness has now disappeared, and the stench of rabid fear took over. Countless flaming pyres licki the stars, fueled by endless rows of corpses... Desperate and futile attempts were made to ward off infections and plagues and saw no success. Ethics? Philosophy? Equality? Rights? Terms... All meaningless and void. Faiths remained unchanged in the hearts of those who still dare to hope. Now the time of the Renaissance has come. The Imperator is now prepared to give new strength to your people. Listen to the roar of the strength of your people, and ready yourself to return your nation to glory!


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